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International Small Business Summit Melbourne Tour 2023

Women Empowerment & Leadership takes great pride in its involvement in the esteemed International Small Business Summit Melbourne 2023. We are particularly delighted to highlight the significant role played by our distinguished representative, Dr. Rita Anwari (founder and director of Women Empowerment & Leadership), who graced the occasion as the keynote speaker. This summit brought together a notable assembly of influential figures across various sectors, including distinguished members of parliament and prominent business leaders. The Women Empowerment & Leadership Association operates a program aimed at providing new women with internship opportunities, enabling them to transition from the educational realm to practical, real-world experiences. As part of this initiative, Women Empowerment & Leadership had the distinct privilege of enhancing the International Small Business Summit by extending an opportunity to three interns from Bond University, each of whom is currently in the final year of their respective master’s degree programs. These accomplished interns, namely Yewayi (Final Year Law Student), Emilie (Final Year International Relations Program Student), and Shahna (Final Year Criminology Student), were granted a distinctive platform to actively participate in the summit and contribute through a presentation focused on the topic of women in business. This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering educational and professional development among aspiring women while promoting gender equality and empowerment. We are delighted to provide a comprehensive account of the experiences during our participation in the International Small Business Summit 2023, which took place in Melbourne on the 21st and 22nd of September 2023. This event has undoubtedly proven to be an invaluable experience for the interns, and they are deeply appreciative of the opportunity it afforded them. The summit featured an array of distinguished keynote speakers who delved into critical topics highly relevant to small businesses, encompassing areas such as taxation, technology, competitiveness, regulatory frameworks, and the establishment of a national Australian small business agency. The thoughtful structuring of the event, complete with breaks for morning tea freshness, a delectable lunch, and an afternoon tea break on both days, facilitated invaluable networking opportunities and the exchange of knowledge. The diverse range of topics covered provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that define the small business landscape. Notably, the presence of honorable members of parliament lent a unique and authoritative dimension to the event. Throughout the duration of the summit, various salient topics were explored, including discussions on trade relations between Hong Kong and India, with a spotlight on India’s potential to surpass China in this regard. Additionally, insights were provided into the coalition’s support for small businesses and discussions on matters concerning education, training, and industrial relations. The summit culminated with wrap-up sessions for both days and closing remarks, marking the conclusion of this intellectually stimulating event. Our time in Melbourne was genuinely enriching, as we had the privilege to interact with numerous distinguished individuals, including several honorable ministers. We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Anwari for her unwavering belief in her interns and for granting her interns this remarkable opportunity. Her mentorship has played a pivotal role in the intern’s personal and professional development, and we genuinely value the wealth of knowledge and experiences she has shared with the interns. As we move forward, we are committed to applying the valuable insights and knowledge acquired during the summit to further advance the mission and objectives of Women Empowerment & Leadership. We would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for Dr. Anwari’s unwavering support and invaluable guidance throughout this transformative journey. With great enthusiasm, they eagerly anticipate the ongoing continuation of their internship under her esteemed mentorship, recognizing the potential for further nurturing the personal and professional growth of young multicultural women. Dr. Anwari’s mentorship has undeniably played a pivotal role in facilitating their transition from the educational sphere to the practical realities of the real world with confidence. Furthermore, her mentorship has empowered them, as young multicultural women, to aspire to become future leaders in their respective fields. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping the path toward empowerment and leadership for each of these women as interns.

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“Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.”

On the 20th of June, Women Empowerment and Leadership was offered the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Parliament in Canberra and have a meeting with Hon. Jim Chalmers and the Chief Secretary of Hon. Murray Watt. The director and Founder, Rita Anwari Sultani, was joined by her intern, from Bond University Kaitlyn Byrnes international law and Human Rights Ambassador, Emelie Nordh International relation student. The visit to the #Parliament was incredibly fruitful. During the meeting with the incredible Hon. Jim Chalmers MP, Kaitlyn and Emelie were able to voice their ideas and thoughts on the #budget created by the Australian Labor Party Government. Furthermore, they received wonderful advice and encouragement from the treasurer of Australia, a gift that Kaitlyn and Emelie always will cherish. The team at Women Empowerment and Leadership were also fortunate to visit the Speakers House and had the honour of being personally invited by Hon. Milton Dick MP. It was a fantastic chance for #Kaitlyn and #Emelie to witness and learn about the intricate procedures at work in the Speakers House. Finally, the day ended with a meeting with the Chief Secretary of Hon. Murray Watt – Senator for Queensland, where a spectacular discussion was held, followed by remarkable insights and advice which further ignited a drive and passion for #Emelie and #Kaitlyn to realize their dreams. Human Rights Ambassador, Emelie Nordh and intern Kaitlyn Byrnes want to extend their gratitude to the parliament and especially to Hon. #Jim Chalmers for his passion and interest in listening to the youth of Australia. There is something magical when speaking and listening to the exceptional people who have been able to accomplish and become the very thing that you yourself aspire to be. This is where the ultimate inspiration and hope is created from. There are so many women around the world whose rights have been revoked and who do not have the opportunity in their society nor the tools to become empowered and to realise their fullest potential. This is a privilege that Women Empowerment and Leadership is grateful that they can provide to their incredible interns and volunteers who have big ambitions and even bigger dreams. This is what our not-for-profit organisation stands for, the empowerment of women, giving them the opportunities and tools to become the leaders of their own lives, and ultimately someday the change-makers of our time.

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Strong Vision of WEL for Empowering Women Through Education!

Women Empowerment and Leadership has a strong vision of empowering women through education and was lucky enough to be able to take its interns from Bond University on this incredible learning program. The interns had the honor of visiting the beautiful Government House in Paddington and attended a remarkable tour to learn more about the protocol of the monarchy, our democratic institutions, the history of the buildings and the previous governors, joined by our wonderful community leaders WEL’s volunteers. #WEL believes that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and it is the key to unlocking the world, as it gives you the passport to freedom, and it was an honor for Women Empowerment and Leadership to give this opportunity to our young, ambitious and wise interns. #Women#Empowerment and #Leadership seeks to empower and provide the right tools to young women to harness and unlock their innermost potential and use it to inspire change. Emelie Nordh and #Yewayi’s bright journey began today when they received a wonderful opportunity to meet with the #Queensland governor Hon. #Jeannette#Young. Women Empowerment and leadership would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hon. #Jeannette#Young and the incredible government team supporting her, it was a truly enlightening experience and priviliage to be able to listen and take part of the wisdom that the governor shared. Rita Anwari Sultani, the director, and founder of WEL has always been dedicated to the vision in bringing together young aspiring women with a shared purpose and a passion for change, and to witness her interns #Emelie Nordh and #Yewayi Mushaya grow into their roles as future leaders was the most giving experience of all. In particular, to see Emelie and Yewayi be so warmly welcomed and encouraged to pursue their dreams by such an inspiring and outstanding individual as Governor Jeanette Young who has achieved the extraordinary through her hard work and dedication. Governor Jeanette Young’s parting words were to always follow your passions and dreams, to base your life on the things that bring you the most joy in life. Women Empowerment and Leadership led by #Rita Anwari, believe in the power of education and using it as tool to realize your aspiration and dreams, inspiring change and empower the people that you meet along your path. This is the purpose of our visit to the Government House, an educational learning experience where our young and ambitious interns studying law and international relations are able to see the beautiful gift that Australia offers, democracy and learning the history and the pillars in which our democracy lies on. There is something extraordinarily beautiful to witness the remarkable democracy that Australia is, and seeing the transparency which is safeguarded by our constitutions – where the public can take part in tours and meeting the governor and government officials, which unfortunately is not afforded to everyone in the world. This visit reminded us on how lucky we are to be in Australia and inspired our team at Women Empowerment and Leadership to continue to harness our collective strength and create a positive lasting impact. Thank you, Governor Jeanette Young and the wonderful tour guides who made this a day to remember.

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WEL Wish All the Best for Emelie Nordh, the New Intern!

Women Empowerment and Leadership is proud to announce Emelie Nordh completion of her internship at the WEL association under the direct supervision of Rita Anwari Sultani from Bond University International relation Law faculty. Emelie Nordh was WEL 27 intern which successfully completed 72 hours with the Women Empowerment and Leadership Association. WEL association would like to thank her for her outstanding work. Emelie began her internship with WEL at the beginning of this year and has achieved plenty during these 12 weeks. She was granted the wonderful opportunity to travel to the federal parliament house in Canberra – an enlightening and educational experience where she was able to witness the WEL team advocate for the women of Afghanistan. Furthermore, she has met prominent government officials, Milton Dick MP Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives which is a dream for any international student to become a reality. Emelie Nordh was given the incredible opportunity to fully coordinate one of WEL’s signature event “International Women’s Day ‘ voices of Afghan women At the Queensland parliament house on 11th of March 2023 She was MC for just over 100 guests including government officials parliamentary and the community leader. We would like to thank Emelie for her passionate spirit and excellent work, we wish her a great successful future ahead. We are looking forward to working with her in the near future.

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Women Empowerment and Leadership Eid Celebration and Voice of Afghan Women

On the 7th of July, the Women Empowerment and Leadership organization celebrated the rich tapestry of culture and shared communal joy at the recent Eid Celebration and Voice of Afghan Women event. Eid is an important celebration for the Islamic community which represents a time for family, celebration, joy, andcommunity. It is great that we can all be here today to share our stories, culture, food, and performances together in celebration. This is significantly important for the women of Afghanistan who underthe oppressive rule of the Taliban, Afghan women are denied many rights and freedoms, including the liberty to celebrate Eid with joy and peace in their homeland. Thus, WEL’s event extended beyondthe bounds of our immediate community, to embrace and represent these brave women, giving a platform to the ‘Voice of Afghan Women’. The Eid celebration was a tribute to their spirit, their resilience, and their strength. The event also highlighted the strength of the community with beautiful displays of cultural pride and performance including traditional dancing and musical performances. This was a special highlight for guests to witness and be united with compassion and joy. This Eid celebration was also an avenue for community education and enlightenment. The event was graced by inspiring guest speakers and riveting presentations that underscored the value of multicultural understanding and unity. These included a talk on the significance of Multicultural Art, which painted vivid imagery of our shared human experience and the beauty of our differences. Additionally, a deeply touching presentation on Mental Health Awareness, delivered by the Women Mentoring Foundation, brought attention to the often-overlooked aspect of well-being. Their insights served as an enlightening call, urging us to extend empathy and support to those struggling silently amidst us. In essence, our Multicultural Eid celebration stood as a symbol of unity, education, and resilience. It was an event that reinforced our commitment to raising awareness, uplifting the oppressed, and celebrating our shared humanity. Together, we raised our voices to echo the voice of Afghan women, and took a step forward in making a difference, one celebration at a time.

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Empowering Afghan Women through Citizenship

Saturday, the 24th of June Women’s Empowerment and Leadership had the wonderful opportunity to host their first multicultural citizenship ceremony, with the support of IWAA, the Department of Home Affairs and Logan City Council. This event helped mark the end of National Refugee Week a campaign highlighting the freedoms refugees deserve. The celebration of citizenship for refugees and migrants highlights a powerful symbol of freedom and new opportunity to  spread their wings and experience a promising future in Australia. The event was a great success with 25 new citizens from 14 different countries, being welcomed into the Australian community. The ceremony was a night of celebration, resilience and pride with shared stories of hope and a promise of a new and opportunistic future. This was especially apparent for the women of Afghanistan who were empowered through citizenship and gained the freedom to share there voices and begin a better future with the opportunity of education, independence, employment and freedom not currently allowed to them in there home country of Afghanistan. WEL is proud to have witnessed and supported these women on their journey to citizenship in Australia. The ceremony was deliver with the assistance of Hon. Dr Jim Chalmers as the Presiding Officer and two of WEL’s Interns Kaitlyn and Emelie who had the opportunity to MC this important event. This was a great learning opportunity for these two young university students to take part and MC in an official government citizenship event for the very first time. Kaitlyn and Emelie were able to expand their industry experience and gain new specialist skills for their future career paths by speaking publicly and assisting with the preparations of the ceremony. Many community leaders, guest speakers and special guests also showed their support for our new citizens and helped to make a truly memorable night for all at the WEL and the Afghan community proud to present the Afghan turban to the Dr Jim Chalmers Treasurer of the Australian federal government and award two best volunteers as Citizens of the Year That’s what we do at WEL to Empower the community.

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WEL had a great success celebrating Eid al-Fitr at Ipswichwith the Muslim Afghan community in May 2023

Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important celebrations for Muslims around the world, which isafter 30 days of the holy month of Ramadan. This celebration event provided a greatopportunity to come together as a supportive and loving community and witness prouddisplays of creative heritage and diversity with family, children, friends, and communityleaders. At this event, WEL hosted traditional Afghan, and Indian dance, face painting Hina,and colorful tables with traditional Afghan cultural food.WEL was grateful to host distinguished guest speakers including, Aunty Yvonne Orley for anacknowledgment of country, local indigenous history and a beautiful heartfelt song – “Weare one we are Australian”Rita Anwari the founder and director of WEL opened the ceremony with her powerfulspeech about the resilience of the Afghan community and the harsh reality of too manyAfghan women.We were also delighted with information presentations from a representative of Gold CoastMulticultural Arts Dr Shadi, on cultural art at the impact of it on the multiculturalcommunity. Dr Sayed Hashim a representative of the Afghan gold coast community. DrHashim an expert on Afghan history in Australia and the Afghan cameleers.The WEL Team was also very moved and proud of our beautiful Khadija the Afghan women’srepresentative of WEL and her heartfelt speech about Afghan women.Geeta Chandra had a very powerful presentation by art dance story of women coming fromthe villagers being a victim of Dominic violence.Many thanks to Mayor Teresa Harding – Ipswich City Council, Jennifer Howard MPCouncillor, and Jacob Madsen – Ipswich City Council for supporting this event.And of course, Multicultural Australia – nothing can be done without their unconditionalsupport.Thank you so much to all other community leaders for joining this wonderfully successfulevent in celebration of Eid!

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The Report on the event “Multicultural Women Eid Celebration”

On the 29th of April 2023, Women Empowerment and Leadership in collaboration with Islamic Women Australia Association held yet another successful event. The event invited many women and children to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr 2023 as it is one of the most important celebrations for Muslims around the world, which is after 30 days of the holy month of Ramadan. The day of Eid al-Fitr is a day of honour for those who fast in the month of Ramadan to be in the presence of God and to be proud of the fact that they were able to obey and follow the Holy Prophet (PBUH). WEL and IWAA organised many activities and presentations throughout the event. The event had several crucial presentations such as Pushpa Vaghela and her incredibly important presentation on mental health, Linna Reakes who had a presentation on how to buy your first property and to live a happy life, followed by Kareems talk about NDIS and the benefits of NDIS for logan women. Furthermore, WEL wants to bring to light some of their favourite highlights throughout the event which include the artistic dance performance by Geeta Chandar, followed by the traditional Afghan and Indian dance, face painting, Hina and colourful tables with fruits.

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NDIS Information Session for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

Women Empowerment and Leadership Run another successful workshop partnership with the Islamic Women Association Australia (IWAA) supported by Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Our aim in this workshop was to help our community, especially women who are newly arrived in Australia and connect them with the right services. The workshop was conducted by an NDIS professionals: Fatemeh Bayati, she covers the following topics: This session covered support for people with disability. Most Afghan new refugees don’t really get connected with most of the services in the first one of two years when they arrived in Australia This workshop introduces very clearly to new refugees to live there on the best days possible This workshop was held from 1 pm to 3 pm at the IWAA building Address 11 Wasteland springwood.

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WEL Iftar Dinner!

Women Empowerment and Leadership team wrap up the week by celebrating Iftar dinner with our Muslim sisters and brothers on Friday night. It was a great opportunity to share a plate of food and network with our amazing team. WEL board update on our quarterly board meeting as well as welcoming new board members on our board. Stay tuned for our great legal work project coming soon.

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