Strong Vision of WEL for Empowering Women Through Education!

Strong Vision of WEL for Empowering Women Through Education!

Women Empowerment and Leadership has a strong vision of empowering women through education and was lucky enough to be able to take its interns from Bond University on this incredible learning program.

The interns had the honor of visiting the beautiful Government House in Paddington and attended a remarkable tour to learn more about the protocol of the monarchy, our democratic institutions, the history of the buildings and the previous governors, joined by our wonderful community leaders WEL’s volunteers.

#WEL believes that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and it is the key to unlocking the world, as it gives you the passport to freedom, and it was an honor for Women Empowerment and Leadership to give this opportunity to our young, ambitious and wise interns.

#Women#Empowerment and #Leadership seeks to empower and provide the right tools to young women to harness and unlock their innermost potential and use it to inspire change.

Emelie Nordh and #Yewayi’s bright journey began today when they received a wonderful opportunity to meet with the #Queensland governor Hon. #Jeannette#Young.

Women Empowerment and leadership would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hon. #Jeannette#Young and the incredible government team supporting her, it was a truly enlightening experience and priviliage to be able to listen and take part of the wisdom that the governor shared.

Rita Anwari Sultani, the director, and founder of WEL has always been dedicated to the vision in bringing together young aspiring women with a shared purpose and a passion for change, and to witness her interns #Emelie Nordh and #Yewayi Mushaya grow into their roles as future leaders was the most giving experience of all.

In particular, to see Emelie and Yewayi be so warmly welcomed and encouraged to pursue their dreams by such an inspiring and outstanding individual as Governor Jeanette Young who has achieved the extraordinary through her hard work and dedication. Governor Jeanette Young’s parting words were to always follow your passions and dreams, to base your life on the things that bring you the most joy in life.

Women Empowerment and Leadership led by #Rita Anwari, believe in the power of education and using it as tool to realize your aspiration and dreams, inspiring change and empower the people that you meet along your path.

This is the purpose of our visit to the Government House, an educational learning experience where our young and ambitious interns studying law and international relations are able to see the beautiful gift that Australia offers, democracy and learning the history and the pillars in which our democracy lies on. There is something extraordinarily beautiful to witness the remarkable democracy that Australia is, and seeing the transparency which is safeguarded by our constitutions – where the public can take part in tours and meeting the governor and government officials, which unfortunately is not afforded to everyone in the world. This visit reminded us on how lucky we are to be in Australia and inspired our team at Women Empowerment and Leadership to continue to harness our collective strength and create a positive lasting impact. Thank you, Governor Jeanette Young and the wonderful tour guides who made this a day to remember.

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