The Successful Story of  WEL Interne Yewayi Mushaya from Bond University

The Successful Story of  WEL Interne Yewayi Mushaya from Bond University

The Journey to Parliament

On the morning of Thursday, November 16th, my fellow intern Shahna Hussin, Women Empowerment and Leadership representative Prakruti Guruaj, and I embarked on a remarkable educational journey. Departing from Brisbane airport to Canberra, we were warmly welcomed by Women Empowerment and Leadership Founder Rita Anwari, marking the beginning of our exploration of Parliament.

Rita Anwari organised an enlightening experience, providing us with insights into the industries we aspire to join. Our day commenced with a meeting at Old Parliament House, where UN Australian Director Damian Cardona Onses graciously guided us through a tour. He shared the history of Old Parliament House, spanning from 1927 to 1988, and showcased the Museum of Australian Democracy, including the old senate chambers and familiar landmarks like the Aboriginal Tent Assembly, which I learned about during my school years. The tour concluded with a meeting where we engaged in a valuable dialogue about the United Nations, its functions, and its current operations in the Pacific Region.

Mr. Onses, alongside his colleagues, shared his diplomatic journey across five continents before becoming the UN Australian Director. Our discussions delved into the significance of the United Nations operating where nation-states face limitations. Emphasising open-door diplomacy, we explored the UN team’s efforts to establish government interlocutors in vulnerable regions for safety and security—a conversation that provided invaluable insights into my career aspirations.

Following this enlightening meeting, we proceeded to Parliament House, where we met with Senator the Honourable Murray Watt and his Chief of Staff. Discussions revolved around the roles and daily lives of our country’s representatives, providing me with valuable guidance for my future career endeavours as I navigated through my final semester at university. Our last meeting of the day was with Senator Fatima Payman, who also offered guidance and support.

Our day concluded by observing parliamentary debates in the House of Representatives and the Senate Chamber—a memorable experience witnessing real-time discussions about a university.

I express gratitude to the Women Empowerment and Leadership team, particularly Founder Rita Anwari, for facilitating an internship that not only challenges interns to dream big but also provides real-life opportunities to actualize those dreams. I eagerly anticipate the next steps in my internship journey.

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