Women Empowerment & Leadership (WEL) has been a transformative journey, marked by a collaboration with Rita Anwari and a pinnacle experience at the International Small Business Summit Melbourne 2023. Engaging with Dr. Nora Amath provided profound insights into project management and WEL principles in action. Practical learning on visa processes broadened my understanding of the challenges faced by women in international business.

A visit to Parliament House in Canberra facilitated meaningful interactions with ministers, emphasizing political involvement in women’s empowerment. Gratitude is expressed to Rita Anwari for mentorship that goes beyond academics, providing hands-on experiences. The meeting with Dr. Amath highlighted the importance of visionary leaders in driving positive change.

Insights from investigating visa forms emphasized the need for policies addressing challenges faced by women seeking international opportunities. This experience will inform future academic and professional pursuits, contributing to the discourse on gender equality.

The Parliament House visit underscored the impact of political leadership on women’s empowerment, broadening the perspective on leadership beyond the business sector. Rita Anwari’s mentorship, the summit, and interactions with influential figures have transformed this semester, expanding my understanding of WEL. The gained experiences will shape future endeavours in advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment, making a meaningful impact in the field. Gratitude is expressed for this enriching journey.

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