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Women Empowerment and Leadership

Women Empowerment and Leadership association is committed to helping women and their rights globally through empowering the women and helping them become leaders in society. We enable women to gain a productive and respected role in society and strive to give opportunities to women of underprivileged communities from all backgrounds, help them gain dignity and confidence through education and job opportunities.

WEL is working tirelessly to provide support to women and children affected by domestic violence, inform communities about healthcare services, and organize workshops to educate women about education and job opportunities, thus enabling them to earn and live a successful life.

We strive to help women around the world to gain education so that they live a dignified life and a content future, full of respect, hope and positive self-worth.

We have delivered a number of successful projects around the world. Our association has been able to save thousands of innocent lives in Afghanistan since 15th August 2021 and has successfully migrated people out of danger zones.


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Message from Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner

Message from Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner To welcome Brisbane’s new Afghan residents. the event was held in Queensland Parliament hosted by Peter Russo MP – Tooheya Women Empowerment and Leadership Peace for Asia It’s been more than one year since thousands of Afghan refugees fled the Taliban to come to Australia, with hundreds now living here in Brisbane. The Brisbane community and WEL team are here to support you as you begin your new life.


When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen

Women Empowerment and Leadership Organization is established to hear the voice of women and help them grow through sustainable future.

Women Empowerment
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We strive to end the domestic violence in our community.

Educating women can help empower them to further progress in society.

We want women to be able to stand on their own feet and work towards personal development and active participation in the economy.

We strive to encourage women to get medical assistance, making them aware of the help available and speaking up if needed. Especially focusing on mental health.

We stand to defend the rights of women and be their advocates.

We try to help endangered Afghans to immigrate and resettle in Australia.




Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) is an organization focused on the promotion of, and education on, human rights.

Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) is an organization focused on women’s rights, women’s education, human rights and resettlement. Our special focus in on women and children who are vulnerable and whose safety is under threat.

We travel around the world to empower women thru education. The WEL Team is dedicated to helping and supporting women who have experienced Family domestic violence and sexual abuse. We strongly advocate against domestic violence.

As the Founder and CEO of WEL, I am deeply committed to raising the voice of the unheard. I am devoted to working with the community and helping them educate themselves and providing them with the opportunities to grow and lead successful lives.

Rita Anwari

Founder | Director
Women Empowerment & Leadership

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Behind WEL

Rita Anwari

Founder & President

Pushpa Vaghela

Vice President

Orode Cyndi Eke-Okoro


Lindy Chen


Nazira Rahman

Executive Board Member

Linna Reakes

Executive Board Member

Abdullah Anwari

Executive Board Member

Nasrin Vaziri

Domestic Violence Prevention Advisor

Annette Hurley

Career & Board Advisor

Yvonne Orley

Indigenous First Nation Women Board Member


Nasrin Vaziri

Mental Health Ambassador

Kathlia Piodos

Education Ambassador

Emelie Nordh

Human Rights Ambassador

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