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Women Empowerment and Leadership

Women Empowerment and Leadership association (WEL) was established in 2017 for the purpose of raising awareness about gender equality and women’s rights. WEL is a non-for-profit organization, and it works globally. Women Empowerment and Leadership association is committed to investing in women and the betterment of women’s lives throughout Australia. We understand the great need of empowering women and helping them become leaders in society.

In order to support women, WEL strives to give opportunities for women of underprivileged communities and backgrounds to gain full and equal citizenship, gain dignity through education and job opportunities, and to gain the self-worth they so very much deserve. To support women, WEL is working to provide support to preventing domestic against women and children, healthcare services, education, job training, workshops, programs, and opportunities for living a content and successful life.

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We Focus

We focus on the goals and objectives that we have set for our organization and people.

We Care

We care about the people we work with and the people we help.

We Support

We support the women and local communities to have a better life.


What We Envision

Everything we do at Women Empowerment and Leadership is based on our core values, and these core values drive us forward and motivate us to stand by women and their future.

When we empower women, we empower communities. When we empower communities, we empower a country.

Core Values

The Values of WEL

Women Empowerment and Leadership adheres to its core values of inclusiveness, dignity, respect, caring, professionalism, and accountability all for the millions of women living in poverty. We believe in early education and training opportunities, healthcare, support to prevent domestic violence in our community against women, and implement opportunities for education and training. 

Our Team

The People
Behind WEL

Rita Anwari

Founder & President

Leila Loei


Lindy Chen


Ashish Chadha

Advisory Council

Dr. N. A. Kanagaraj

Board Advisor

Annette Hurley

Career & Board Advisor

Abdullah Anwari

Executive Board Member


Nasrin Vaziri

Mental Health Ambassador

Kathlia Piodos

Education Ambassador

Alibaba Frutan

Visual Media Ambassador