Women Empowerment and Leadership



Our team travels to communities to reach out to women and educate them about educational opportunities and employment opportunities.

 We empower women and provide them with tools and resources so that they take the forefront of change for the betterment of their communities.

We also provide leadership training for women to help them break that glass ceiling. We help them confidently understand that they can do anything, regardless of their gender, to take the forefront of change for the better within their communities.

Women Empowerment and Leadership recognizes that women can be the change they wish to see in their communities, and, in turn, their country. In order to make this happen, they need to be provided with the resources and tools to gain self-confidence and excel for their children and their future. Our organization does just that, and we are making progress, with the help of our volunteers, our partners, and our donators, one step at a time.

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