Exhibition Launch of Mosaic for Afghan Women on International Peace Day

Exhibition Launch of Mosaic for Afghan Women on International Peace Day

WEL Founder Director Rita Anwari Sultani had the Honour to Speak Up on behalf of Afghan Women and Girls at the Exhibition Launch of Mosaic for Afghan Women on International Peace Day

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodian of the lands we live on. We pay our respects to all elders past and present of all aboriginal and Torres strait islander nations. I would also like to acknowledge those Afghan Australian who migrated to Austral on a camel in 1830 and built a strong foundation which we will continue to uphold Ladies and Gentlemen, First, let me present my gratitude to the organizer of this event where we can talk about the different beautiful cultures that we have in Afghanistan.

A special thanks to every one of you for participating in this important event. As founder/Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership Association and Global Peace ambassador of Peace for Asia, I have always tried to raise the real voice of Afghan Women and Girls, to stand up against domestic violence, and support Afghan Women and Girls to educate themselves, and make their future brighter.

Afghan Women and Girls in 34 provinces of Afghanistan have enough capacity to be part of the political and economic structure of the country but unfortunately, most of the time, in today’s regime in Afghanistan, they are under pressure and even they are not allowed to work or go to schools but the sad part is they can go out without male even if his 10 years old because God creates him as male.

Afghan Women and Girls have played a key role in the economic and trade sector of the country and high demand for their hands-made export items are existence in regional and international markets.

Since women are not involved in the war in Afghanistan, unfortunately, they have not been in an important decision-making position in the peace process.

While war and peace leave deep effects on women’s lives, for example, without peace and security, women and girls will lose the opportunity of education, employment, social and cultural issues. The retardation of women in society causes the retardation of society and the country.

After the arrival of the Taliban, women have become a single voice inside and outside the country, all of them are demanding justice and are moving purposefully in the center of their concerns.

Women should not be marginalized in important political processes and they should not be included in the processes from the address of their region, tribal and parties. Women should be included in the processes from their knowledge, expertise, experience and personality so that their rights will not be affected by war and peace.

For last 10 years, I have been supporting women, especially Afghan Women to improve their knowledge, avoid domestic violence, get used to multicultural environments, and have economic independence.

Before closing my speech, I kindly request every one of you to accompany us for the following messages as real piano and voice of our innocent women and girls:

1- If we believe that women’s rights are human rights, so we want to get our real rights and the International Community MUST NOT ignore and forget us, Afghan women

2- Afghan women deserve to have access to education, the same as other girls around the globe,

3- We want to reopen schools immediately for Afghan Girls

4- they want to work and make their lives independent, so no one should take this right from them

5- The United Nations and the International Community, in general, MUST find a permanent solution to the current panic situation in Afghanistan,

6- Give Decision Making roles to educated and experienced Afghan Women rather than having them symbolic around the table,

7- Increase humanitarian support, the visa process for Afghan Women, “If you want to end the war then Instead of sending guns, send books. Instead of sending tanks, send pens. Instead of sending soldiers, send women teachers.” »

When we educate man, we educate a man, when we educate women, we educate the community!

Once again thanks to every one of you for your participation and a special thanks to the organizers of this useful event. I hope we could continue such events to support newly arrived residents in Australia.

Rita Anwari Sultani

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