My Journey,  I AM SAFE NOW!

My Journey,  I AM SAFE NOW!

On the 18th of August, the grand unveiling event for Women Empowerment and Leadership commenced at the esteemed Brisbane Parliament House, setting the stage for a momentous celebration of multiculturalism and the amplification of the voices of the marginalized. Lead by Women Empowerment and Leadership founder Rita Anwari the event showcased two powerful books which held the voices of countless Afghan migrants, inclusive of the personal journey of Rita Anwari, with a focus of the preserving journeys of Afghan women. The occasion resonated with the resounding support of parliamentary members showcasing numerous passionate speeches focused on the importance of recognising the unique journeys of migrants and the role of government to assist in the hardship.

Following the inspiring opening remarks by Rita Anwari, the event unfolded with addresses by Shayne Nermann MP and Senator Paul Scarr, both expressing heartfelt admiration for the transformative work carried out by Women Empowerment and Leadership in nurturing a secure sanctuary for migrants, fostering collaboration, and fostering the path to success. The senators expressed their eagerness to coming providing support to such initiatives as they have recognised the importance of playing an active role in change.

The event provided platform for an important panel discussion, featuring distinguished personalities including, Hon. Magistrate Dzentia Balic, Cr Jacob Madsen, Cr Mindy Russel, and Mr. Jawid Safari meditated by Rita Anwari. The panel delved into the themes of struggle, resilience, and triumph that characterize the migrant experience within the nation. The panel emulated hope of a better future as the panellists shared their journeys in achieving successes, standing as testaments that there is always a better future ahead. Rita Anwari’s incisive question to the panellists regarding their pivotal roles in effecting change encapsulated the essence of the discussion, fostering introspection and forward-looking action.

The event was concluded with a powerful speech from Senator Fatima Payman who expressed that each page of the book echoed the voices of countless Afghan Women. Speaking about the importance of supporting women, especially through hardship, Senator Payman spoke about how preservation is what has gotten many of us to this point.

The event also acted as an unforgettable experience for the Women Empowerment and Leadership interns who had the privilege of MCing the event. Kaitlyn Byrne and Yewayi Mushaya were pushed outside of their comfort zone and challenged to take theoretical learning into a space of real-life experiences, with the outcome of achieving indispensable skills that would undoubtedly benefit their future career endeavours. The girls were seen to overcome expectations showcasing the progression and multitude of their advocacy and presenter skillset. The Bryne and Mushaya had the opportunity to network with prominent individuals, whilst being able to make a name for themselves. The girls were entrusted with the responsibility of the event and showed by being empowered to embrace such opportunities provided under the invaluable guidance of Rita Anwari that every room they desire to enter is one which the belong.

The event’s triumph was beautifully symbolized by the Illumination of Brisbane in the vibrant hues of the Afghan flag, underscoring Women Empowerment and Leadership’s unwavering commitment to providing a steadfast platform for the elevation of women, their voices, and their stories, serving as an unwavering beacon for those whose voices remain unheard. 

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