A Weekend in Melbourne with Women Empowerment and Leadership

A Weekend in Melbourne with Women Empowerment and Leadership

Women Empowerment and Leadership had the opportunity to appear in many prominent events occurring in #Melbourne on Friday, September 22nd, and Saturday, September 23rd. Human Rights Ambassador Emelie Nordh and interns #Shenua Hussain and #Yewayi Mushaya appeared at the International #Small#Business#Summit#Melbourne Tour 2023 and the Afghan Australian Say Yes to the Voice of Parliament event. These events allowed these young women to truly immerse themselves within the realities of the industry, not only gaining firsthand experience but also placing them at the forefront of the conversations.

At the International #Small Business Summit Melbourne Tour 2023, representatives Emelie, Shahna and Yewayi were educated on the current obstacles operating within the small business sphere with the chance to raise their opinions and observations. This excellent opportunity to network allowed the girls to immerse themselves in the space of entrepreneurship with specialists within the field.

Conversations ranged from trade opportunities currently in Hong Kong and India as these rising powers make a splash in the industry to comments from members of parliament regarding the future of small businesses within the country. The multitude of opinions and speeches allowed the girls to gain educational value and an in-person experience to learn from industry professionals.

The highlighting moment for the girls was their opportunity to address the disguised guests in attendance regarding the conversation of women in businesses. Acting as representatives of the Women Empowerment and leadership team, #Emelie and #Yewayi had the opportunity to concise their observations from their proximity to women in industry and share their opinions on what they believed was working and what barriers needed to be confronted to achieve improvement. The girls touched on the importance of creating a network where women can easily communicate their concerns to each other to develop support systems within the male-dominated field and the importance of mentorship as if the upcoming generation does not have a seat at the table, there will inherently be a limitation of heard voices and the ability to pass down knowledge and experience. In addition, the girls also talked about the conversation and women of colour and the business industry. By addressing this minority conversation, the girls allowed improvements to consider and facilitate all women in the industry to ensure equity for all. The girls acknowledged the atmosphere of support from their role models and industry professionals in the room. The accepting attitudes of the guests in attendance allowed the girls to confidently raise their points. After their speech, Emelie and Yewayi appeared on a panel alongside prominent women within the. The panel presented a platform to directly address the unique obstacles faced by women and facilitated brainstorming on how to overcome these limitations. The event proved a valuable experience to all its attendees but also as an insight into the function of the realities of the industry to our Women Empowerment and Leadership representatives.

In addition to the Small Business Summit, the #Afghan#Australian Say #Yes to the #Voice of #Parliament event allowed our representatives to contribute to and observe one of Australia’s current most important conversations.

The #Afghan Australian Say Yes to the Voice of Parliament event addressed the importance of a yes vote concerning the October 14th Referendum for The Voice.

This event displayed evidence of migrant support for a yes vote as the Afghan Australian community showed true solidarity with its First Nations people. As the date nears, the Afghan community showed the importance of creating a space where such conversations can be held to truly educate the Australian public to achieve change. The event highlighted voices including Minister of Immigration Andrew Giles, Head of the Council of the Afghan Alliance in Australia, Dr Mohib Iqbal, and Victoria MP Sheena Watt. Emelie Nordh had the privilege of opening the event with a speech written in a contribution by our interns Shahna and Yewayi about the importance of a yes vote. The event provided the girls with an opportunity to not only show comradery but also use their voices to enhance the conversation.

The weekend showed the true importance of mentorship and what the empowerment of young women can result in. Placing our representatives in these spaces is truly a priority for Women’s Empowerment and Leadership, as it allows them to impact the industry and gain the necessary skills to succeed. We aim to further support and elevate our representatives as we believe that uplifting women is essential in creating the future leaders of society.

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