Women Empowerment and Leadership thirtieth workshops!

Women Empowerment and Leadership thirtieth workshops!

Women Empowerment and Leadership had their thirtieth workshops on Friday 30th of September at the IAAW springwood office for the Afghan women who came to Australia after 15/08/21

The workshop starts by acknowledging the country.

WEL AUS founder director Rita Anwari Sultani welcomes all sisters to Australia and our workshops.

She discusses the opportunity for new Aghan Queensland residences in Queensland.

Fatima from the IWAA representative introduce IWAA and the program provide by IWAA for Muslim women in Australia.

IWAA programs provide:

English classes


Youth camping

Children program

Family’s gathering

How to open businesses


Over all to be the best version of yourself

Women Empowerment leadership

Programs are holding a expression of interest for the coming program

* Driving school

* Swimming classes

Which’s start as soon as next week

Our main goal is to help each other work as sisters.

We have a full room of women who have come from Afghanistan and need our support urgently.

They all feel comfortable as Muslim women sitting next to each other and talking about their needs.

Most of these women were interested in driving and swimming classes which start as soon as next week especially for those under 25 which were booked for the coming week.

Looking forward to seeing our sisters at our swimming classes on Monday and Thursday for Muslim women.

Special thanks go to IWAA and their staff for helping women in western society to be themselves.

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