Wishing Sara Luck, the best luck!

Wishing Sara Luck, the best luck!

Sara Luck started voluntary work with Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) association from May to November 2021. During this duration she gained a lot of experience in terms of communication, coordination, liaison, event management and social media. In particular, she support the administrative and record management of the Afghan Evacuation Support program that WEL organized.

Following the voluntary work, WEL provided her with a certificate of appreciation for her tireless efforts during her work. The certificate was key in recognizing the skills and competencies she gained over the course of her volunteer work in WEL. She was able to join Denise Maxwell Solicitors after she concluded her assignment in WEL. They praised her for  her efforts and dedication during her volunteer work in WEL. She is now planning to start her own business. Therefore, WEL would like to wish her best of luck on her new journey.

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