What an Emotional Moment of Afghan Hazara Girl!

What an Emotional Moment of Afghan Hazara Girl!

Samaria is one of Afghan Hazara Girls who arrived in Brisbane not long ago.

She fearlessly completed her education with high achievement, and back in her home in Afghanistan, the Taliban closed schools for Afghan girls. Not only school but they were not allowed to go to the park or shopping all band for Afghan women and girls.

In less than two years in the land of opportunity, she achieves her dream by graduating from high school with one meddle and two certificates of high achievement, which is the dream of every little young Afghan girl back in Afghanistan.

Women Empowerment and Leadership founder director Rita Anwari Sultani told us this was one of my dreams to see our #Afghan#girls live in the best country and receive the best education, that means living on their dream, dreaming for a better future.

She said that hopefully one day our girls in Afghanistan can go back to school and open their wink to fly as high as they can.

Our Afghan women have dream-like other girls around the world, but unfortunately, they were born in the wrong land, and no one sees their value.

As she working with samira to get her diving licences

She said she could not wait to see her driving soon.

On behalf of WEL AUS, we wish her all the best in the future.

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