WEL’s Report for the 11th of March Event – Raising the Voices of Afghan Women

WEL’s Report for the 11th of March Event – Raising the Voices of Afghan Women

On the 11th of March, Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) held their event
“Raising the Voices of Afghan women”. The event has been a legacy that has been passed on
every year by WEL to always celebrate and shed light on the resilient women around the
world, especially Afghan women; Women whose identity has been wiped, whose human
rights have been denied and crushed. Women who have been silenced and forced into
submission. The event organized by WEL gave a voice to these resilient and strong women,
who despite being denied all of their rights, have risen up and shown that there is always
light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to be it. The event
hosted many prominent and powerful people such as the attorney general and minister for
justice, women and the prevention of domestic and family violence, honorary Shannon
Fentiman, The honorable Leanne Linard MP, Minister for children and youth justice, and
minister for multicultural affairs, in addition to Senator for the state of Queensland Hon. Paul
Sacrr. These prominent figures through their touching messages inspired hope and a belief
that better days lay ahead. Furthermore, the Founder and CEO of WEL, Rita Anwari, held an
informative presentation on the road map of higher education in Afghanistan; where she step
by step took the audience through the history of the abolishment of education for women in
Afghanistan. It was a heartfelt presentation, reminding everyone who attended the event that
although women’s rights are an integral part of Australian society, there are still many other
parts of the world where women are denied even the basics of human rights, it is a reminder
to never stop fighting to empower women all over the world. On this exclusive event, there
were around 70 community leaders who attended the event, and WEL considers the event a
tremendous success, where the event gathered and encouraged a community of people whom
all strive for the same vision; A world where rights are given out freely to each individual,
where privilege is granted to every human being and not allocated on the basis of sex.

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