WEL would like to congratulate Kaitlyn Byrne on completing her Internship with Women Empowerment and Leadership from Bond University

WEL would like to congratulate Kaitlyn Byrne on completing her Internship with Women Empowerment and Leadership from Bond University

Please read her achievements and the work she achieved

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Kaitlyn Internship Summary

Over the past 15 weeks Women’s Empowerment and Leadership has welcomed #Bond University internee #Kaitlyn Byrne; a final year student of International Relations and Business Management. Kaitlyn has participated and contributed immensely to WEL along her journey of learning and industry experience where she has had heavy involvement in several significant WEL events and improved her skills and knowledge considerably over the course of her internship.

As an #International Relations student, Kaitlyn expressed an eagerness to be immersed in and learn more about the multicultural and Muslim community. Early into her internship Kaitlyn enthusiastically took the opportunity to assist with her first event the Ipswich Multicultural Eid Celebrations. This community event was designed to bring together different ethnicities and cultures under a unified banner of the celebration of Eid. Kaitlyn confidently and gracefully managed her duties as MC and carried out her public speaking in an unfamiliar setting where she was able to gain real-world experience and utilize her skills from her university studies. Kaitlyn personally built and prepared her presentation and speech to match the values and needs of the cultures attending the event. This was Kaitlyn’s first multicultural event and experience of Eid celebration, which as MC she successfully managed and conducted professionally to help bring together the Ipswich community.

Furthermore, Kaitlyn was given the opportunity to go on a trip to Canberra with the WEL team, this marked a significant highlight during her internship. Her visit to the Australian Parliament House provided her with the opportunity to witness first-hand the processes and procedures of the Australian government. Kaitlyn had the remarkable opportunity to meet with and engaged in an informative discussion with high-end representatives of the federal government including the Hon. Dr. Jim Chalmers, Treasurer of Australia. Kaitlyn’s interaction with Hon. Dr. Jim Chalmers focused on budget feedback and the future perspectives of Queensland’s youth and education. Hon. Dr. Jim Chalmers MP offered valuable insights and advice on entering an empowering career in politics and making a difference. Moreover, Kaitlyn had the opportunity to meet the Chief Secretary of the Hon. Murray Watt – Senator for Queensland This meeting gave her a unique chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the political sphere.

The discussion revolved around career opportunities, involvement in ministerial operations, and advice on working in politics and government. This conversation allowed her to gain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of government bodies and the empowering role women play in leadership positions, further highlighting the potential career paths she might pursue. Throughout her interactions with federal government members, Kaitlyn was able to effectively highlight her detailed political knowledge and understanding from her university studies.

Kaitlyn also had the privilege of visiting the Speaker’s House, thanks to an invitation by Hon. Milton Dick MP Her visit allowed her to appreciate the practical application of parliamentary decision-making processes, enhancing her academic knowledge with real-world understanding. A notable highlight was when the speaker of the house Hon. #Milton Dick gave a personal acknowledgment of Kaitlyn and the WEL team’s attendance during session time. Overall, the visit to Canberra was a blend of learning and networking that considerably enriched Kaitlyn’s knowledge and understanding of the #Australian political scene.

Another major event that Kaitlyn helped to run and organize was WELs first #Multicultural Citizenship Ceremony. This was a unique opportunity for a university intern to contribute to an official Australian Citizenship Ceremony. The event marked the close of National #Refugee Week, a campaign centred around the fundamental rights and freedoms that every refugee deserves. In the ceremony, the Australian community warmly welcomed 25 new citizens originating from 14 different countries. The diversity of the participants underscored the event’s overarching theme – a celebration of multiculturalism, unity, and acceptance. This ceremony was a powerful symbol of freedom and new opportunities for refugees and migrants, allowing them to experience a promising future in Australia. Kaitlyn had the opportunity of serving as MC for this milestone event. Her role was not only to guide the proceedings smoothly but also to create an atmosphere of welcoming and inclusivity. This event offered Kaitlyn an excellent platform to showcase her event management and public speaking skills. Her involvement in such a crucial ceremony also provided her with invaluable insights into the Australian citizenship process and the role of the Department of Home Affairs. After successful completion of the Citizenship Ceremony Kaitlyn received highly regarded and positive feedback from the Department of Home Affairs about how she successfully and professionally handled the protocols of the ceremony; a big professional achievement

Finally Kaitlyn finished off her internship with her involvement in WEL’s first book launch event to celebrate multicultural awareness week and commemorate the historical independence of Afghanistan. The event was a great success with Kaitlyn acting as MC alongside a fellow Bond internee. The event took place at QLD parliament house and included several federal government guest speakers Shayne Neumann MP Senator Fatima PaymanSenator Paul ScarrCouncillor Jacob Madsen – Ipswich City CouncilNasrin Vaziri and a professional panel discussion with unique perspectives from members of local government, industry experts and refugees. The event created a platform to discuss the unique challenges faced by refugees and multicultural members in our community, with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving. The book launch also offered an opportunity for WEL, community leaders and members of government to stand in solidarity with the women and girls of Afghanistan who do not have the freedom to raise their voices and fight for the basic human rights they deserve. Kaitlyn not only held a key role in the preparation and planning for the event but was able to professionally and charismatically conduct the proceedings for the eventing with consideration of the cultural significant of the event.

Kaitlyn Byrne’s time at WEL was characterized by her eagerness to learn, adaptability, and commitment to enhancing her professional skills. The organization has deeply appreciated the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm she brought to every task, her role in these events not only contributed to their success but also fostered her growth as a young professional, developing unique industry-specific skills that will no doubt propel her to great heights in her career.

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