Women Empowerment and Leadership


A woman’s right to proper healthcare is what Empowered Women and Leadership strives to acquire. Women in poverty-stricken countries are in serious need of proper healthcare, from mental health to physical health and well-being.

Common health issues that are faced by women and children are malnutrition, maternity care, breast cancer, AIDS, domestic violence, and birth control. These crucial health issues are commonly overlooked by impoverished due to lack of resources and cultural values.

Women Empowerment and Leadership firmly believes that access to preventative healthcare and treatment for all health issues are crucial to the development of social status, the rights of women, and economic development. The future of women is imperative, and without appropriate healthcare, the future of these women is compromised. These woman are mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. Being proactive and acknowledging that healthcare is a top priority is very important, if not urgent, to our organization.