Women Empowerment & Leadership against Domestic Violence!

Women Empowerment & Leadership against Domestic Violence!

Message from WEL Director Rita Anwari & Ambassador of domestic violence Christina Terita. Our hearts are heavy with lots of another beautiful young mother leaving and a chid without the love and affection of his mother.  As a result of disrespect, abusive, violent act of domestic violence by her partner. WEL understands that domestic violence is a sensitive issue and many women who are being victims are a shame of talking about or they are not very certain any more about the correct treatment and respect they deserve as disrespect and aggression is often displayed towards them every day by intimate person in their lives.

Rita and I want you to become more aware that domestic violence is a circle of disrespectful and abusive behavior that start to become violent. It’s also important to know that continuing abusive behavior impact the view of children and young people on how to it’s the right way to treat their mother and other females around them. It’s important to identify and reach out for assistance calling services or discuss that with appropriate people such as your GP and counsellors’ helplines. WEL works to provide you with best guidance and the utmost discretion through our support groups deliver by professional in collaboration with other services provides such white ribbon. WEL Team stands by you to put an end to domestic.

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