International Women’s Day Event by WEL

International Women’s Day Event by WEL

International Women’s Day and Launch of “The Dark Future” Short Movie

Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) association, hosted the International Women’s Day on March 27, 2022, and launched the Short Movie titled “The Dark Future.” 

Acknowledging the original owners of the land, Dr. Rita Anwari, founder, and president of WEL, welcomed the participants to the event and read her opening keynote. She emphasized on the role of Women in the community, the importance of celebrating the International Women’s Day. She reiterated the situation that Afghan women are facing in Afghanistan, and how they are deprived of their basic rights. She further introduced the guest speakers of the event and requested for the close attention of the participants to the keynotes of the guest speakers and the short move which will be launched during the event.

Following the welcome keynote by Dr. Anwari, a comprehensive presentation was given to narrate the current situation of Afghan Women in Afghanistan, following which the Afghan Women appealed to the international community to not recognise the administration in Afghanistan.

Honourable Senator Paul Scarr, who were not able to participate in the event due to a prior commitment. His office representative read out his keynote on the International Women’s Day. Congratulation on the launch of the movie The Dark Future. It is important that your story is told so that the people of Afghanistan under the regime of the Taliban are not forgotten by the world. Especially the people who recently arrived from Afghanistan, please know that you have the support and encouragement of the Australian people. My thoughts and heart is still with those who have loved ones who are still in Afghanistan. 

Following the message of the Honourable Senator Paul Scarr, the short move “The Dark Future” was broadcasted for all the participants to watch. 

Dr. Annette Hurly, Professional and Executive Recruiter at the Acorn Group delivered her message on the importance of having rights for the women. She emphasized on the equal opportunities Australia has provided to all the women exclusive from their background, race, ethnicity, religion, and language. She highlighted the multiculturalism in Australian communities which provides equal opportunities and improves coexistence in the community.

Following the keynote speeches by the guest speakers, Women Empowerment and Leadership presented presents and gifts to the guest speakers and a few participants on the event for their extraordinary role in successful completion of the event and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

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