Let’s Talk about Scholarships for Afghan Women

To reach university education level, a young refugee has to overcome significant barriers with only 1 in 100 making it. Despite their potential, young refugee women are greatly disadvantaged in accessing university education as well as technical and vocational training.

Highly educated refugees can become leaders in their communities, creating businesses and social enterprises, or building infrastructure as engineers, scientists and technology specialists. Young Afghan women and men can lobby for improvements to public services as politicians and campaigners, and demand a better future through education, employment, and the protection and nurturing of youth. In doing so, young refugees can support and contribute to peace and stability at a local, national and regional level.

At Women Empowerment and Leadership we are committed to providing young women and men who are interested in higher education, the support they need to apply for a range of Australian scholarships and international scholarships.

Refugees with good qualifications have a better chance of finding work and contributing to the economy of their host countries or wherever they might end up living.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please see our list of resources below and contact us on info@welaus.com.au and also scholarships@welaus.com.au.

Queensland Universities:

National and International Scholarships:


UNHCR – Aiming Higher – The other one per cent

UNHCR – DAFI Annual Report 2019

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Let’s Talk about Scholarships for Afghan Women

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Scholarships for Afghan Women

  1. I am Latifa Ahmadi,with all the problems i had at Kabul university,Faculty of Journalism, wich is the Mother of all universities in Afganistan.i studied iwished i could be asuccessful journalist i would have freedom and independence,at least i could save myself and my family from this miserable poverty. but they took away all my dearms and freedom. i have no hope for my futuer in this country .please at least help by offering ascholarship. i will be saved from gadual death ,my only hop is you.

  2. I am Zoya Faizi from Afghanistan. Now a days I arrived Albania by evacuation program for Afghanistan and want to continue my education in Australia and live there.

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