Happy International Peace Day!

Peace means unity, thinking positive, and collaboration for the common good of all. It’s the process which can help the nations to change from underdeveloped into developed countries and provide a well environment for their people.

Afghanistan’s strategic location can play a vital role for security and stability of south Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, Russia, China, Iran and other countries. A secure Afghanistan is not only important for the Asia but can play a vital role in economic and political situation, International relations, and global security of the world as well.

 “There is a country in Asia, if there is peace in that country, whole Asia will be in peace, if there is not, it wouldn’t be peace in Asia.  In this case, it’s important to keep this heart well”.

Since more than four decades, an imposed war is going on in our beloved country Afghanistan and our people are thirsty for the peace. Unfortunately the peace process and negotiation has failed about Afghanistan and we lost everything. The government changed, our people are migrated to other countries and a panic situation is going on there in the country.

Peace in Afghanistan means peace in the region so, once again I call to the international community at this important day of peace not to leave Afghanistan a lone and we desire a peaceful Afghanistan where everyone feels safe and beside men, the women of Afghanistan could also have chances to work and raise their voice for their rights.

Dr. Rita Anwari


Women Empowerment and Leadership

Happy International Peace Day!

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